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World Craftsmanship Fair is a rotating “cultural United Nations”, featuring the most experienced craftsmen from different nations to demonstrate the making of their country’s handicrafts, allowing both visitors and fellow participants to learn about and create the handicrafts themselves. Every nation in rotation has their own pavilion for their craftsmen to work inside. There will be an ongoing schedule of master classes and general cultural events to be held in the same space (dances, vocal performances, theatrical shows, instrumental bands, fashion shows, etc.), as well as international conferences and seminars on a variety of interesting cultural subjects.

In WCF, there is no need to travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to experience different cultures, you only need to walk 50 seconds and 50 feet from Qatar to get to Peru and see their Inca-style Cuzco pottery, which is 50 feet away from Russia and their “matryoshka” nesting doll collection, only 50 feet from Australia and that didgeridoo player you heard when you were still in Peru.

While the cultural smorgasbord of Epcot, Walt Disney World’s 2nd most visited park in 2018 at 12.4 million, is over 300 acres large, WCF contains the world all under one roof.