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Qatar Advanced Research and Science (QARS) is a conglomerate of research centers run by young, talented scientists from all around the world, with their own living quarters on-site. There will be different centers with the focus of information technology, math and physics, medical science, technology, and chemistry

The chemistry center will focus on experimenting with innovations like using oil from algae to fuel internal combustion engines in people’s cars and other green technologies. QARS could spearhead us into the future of not needing to rely on any finite resource such as crude oil, diminishing the effects of climate change and adding years to our lives. QARS could be the base to solving cyber crime, which costs the world about $400 billion a year, finally understanding Alzheimer’s disease, or making breakthroughs in curbing infectious diseases.

The physics center may finish the world's research on dark matter and energy, giving humanity a further understanding of our nature here on Earth. Perhaps most ambitiously, maybe in the next decade, with its ideal location, Qatar through QARS may be launching satellites into space without relying on foreign launchpads. Being that Qatar is close to the equator and surrounded by water, QARS is in the perfect position to study space as well as the ocean, which we only have explored 5% of.

One day QARS will launch young Qatari scientists to science stardom to become the next Thomas Edisons, Nikola Teslas, Dmitri Mendeleevs, Albert Einsteins, Grace Hoppers, Annie Easley, QARS will elevate Qatar's scientists to change the world for the better, and be thought of among the ranks of the United States, China, Japan, and the UK.